As an experienced speaker, Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley has given numerous presentations and can captivate audiences of all ages in various settings, including:

  • Virtual Events
  • Large auditoriums and smaller, more intimate venues
  • Medical and non-medical audiences
  • Independent businesses
  • Schools and charitable organizations
  • Continuing medical education (CME)

Speaking Topics

  • Staying Strong, Confident and Active as We Age
    • Musculoskeletal Wellness and Injury Prevention at Any Age
  • Becoming a Renaissance Woman
    • Defining Your Mission and Values
    • Tackling Fear
    • Achieving Balance
    • Finding Your Hive
  • Your Path to a Career in Orthopaedic Surgery


To learn about these topics in an online learning format, click HERE.

"Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley made orthopaedic surgery understandable and fun for my students, with props, visuals and clear communication. Her session was very popular among students and many said they felt inspired to go into the medical field following her presentation."

Sahjo Brown
School Counselor, Portland Public Schools

"Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley spoke on her pathway to becoming an orthopaedic surgeon to an auditorium of 180 teachers and students, followed by a live broadcast of an ACL surgery with live Q&A and commentary. Dr. Yen Shipley’s immense expertise and knowledge provided the audience insight into the profession as an orthopaedic surgeon, and the complexity of surgery. The audience was transfixed and inspired by both segments of the presentation."

Toyin Oyemaja
Outreach Coordinator, Providence Health Systems

"Throughout various touchpoints in the months leading into the presentation, Nancy kept us informed on the direction she was going and how it would be cohesive with our conference topic. Her poise and professionalism made her a dream to work with and I would highly recommend hiring her as a motivational speaker/coach for your next engagement. She not only delivered what we asked for but went above and beyond our expectations."

Jeanie Nguyen
Conference Organizer, Junior League NWX

"Dr. Nancy is an excellent on-air guest — not only is she knowledgeable and informative, but she also has the speaking skills of a seasoned professional. Nary a word wasted as she delivers succinct answers to questions, engages the host like a lifelong friend, and pours an intelligent sense of humor into every reply! One of my favorites, I encourage anyone to approach her for a show feature."

Steve Olivas
Host of "The Commute" podcast

"I was lucky enough to see Nancy in action at the Junior League Northwest Exchange conference in February. As she wrapped up her talk my first thought was, "No! Don't let it be over already!" The energy and humor Nancy brought to the room was palpable. She made the topic approachable to everyone in the room and I think we all left with a sense of urgency. Nancy moved that room to action!"

Kristin Kilshaw
President, Junior League of Portland

"With ease and grace Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley engaged a classroom full of first graders to provide them with a meaningful, informative and hands-on experience. She tapped into their natural curiosity and provided an age-appropriate overview of orthopedics that left the children with a greater understanding for the human skeletal system and ways that modern medicine can help."

Cara Haskey

"Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley was funny and knowledgeable! It was great to see a healthcare professional taking time to inspire me and my students."

Feedback from Providence Health Systems OrthoWatch program

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Important Information: All material presented on this website is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not medical advice. IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, CALL 911. If you have an orthopaedic condition for which you wish to establish a patient-doctor relationship, please utilize the clinic contact information in the patients tab to make an appointment with Dr. Yen Shipley.

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